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The technology era has been credited for many new roles in automated/high tech manufacturing that didn’t exist in the prior to the 21st century. In addition, the new lingo of doing more with less, Six sigma, TQM, Lean Production, and Kazan requires more innovative approaches to getting the right people on the bus.

Companies finally understand it is no longer enough to ask the standard interview question around a table with 4 other butchers that are seeking to rip away the bad flesh. With that said, the purpose of the interview is to gauge if this person can do the job, can work well in the culture, is able to work well under pressure, grow to the next level, will stay committed, can be trusted, works well with a team, takes the initiative, and has entrepreneur ability? The question of the century is how should employers implement simplistic tools that will identify the superstars and weed out those that wrote and understand the book of interviewing 101 but prove to be the wrong fit once they hit the floor.

1. Have Interviewees participate in a hands-on project. One client stays ahead of the curve by requiring that potential hires participate in a hands-on team project. This activity is no other than a simulation to determine how well this person interacts and works with a team. The employer’s philosophy is if you observe long enough, the diamonds will shine and rocks will crumble.

2. Write an essay. Another innovative approach that we recently implemented in a company is the fill in the blank, “essay” template that requires the candidate to focus on values, past experiences, and real life work situations and present to an interview panel. The panel asks questions and makes observations based on the essay. It helps to ease the candidate because he or she has a script but it also gives the interview team a chance to dig deeper.

If you are a company that has been doubling your profits consistently over the past 10 years, primarily because you are attracting superstars, Kudos to you! However, if this is not your company and you’re doing the same things and the results are the same, it may be time for a “put innovation to work” brainstorming session so that you can get the train on the tracks to building a successful business.

Accel Talent and Development Group is available to partner with your company to review your existing process and /or to build a process from scratch.
Ready, Set, Retain! Part II (0) December 11, 2012

Don’t let your on-boarding process reflect one that is unstable and will create less than par memories for years to come. Instead, make sure that your on-boarding practice is a delightful experience that will sell your company for years to come.

Innovation is critical in building an effective on-boarding process. Albert Einstein’s quote: “Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity,” describes traditional approaches to on boarding that have not proven to serve the two-fold purpose of connecting and retaining employees.

Fast is Not Always Better…

Fast growing businesses tend to do things fast. Hire fast… Train faster… On-board fastest… However, fast may not be better when the life of your organization is at stake. First impression can be the lasting impression.

Time for a Change?

If your company still has one person standing through the entire orientation with a melon tone voice reciting slide after slide, then it may be time to step into the reality of the true purpose of orientation. First and foremost, every new-hire should leave with the feeling of “ I want to stay with this company forever”. Secondly, new hires should be clear on what is acceptable verses non acceptable in the work environment. In addition, they should know their support network. These are the players that keep them on the field. Last but not least, your newcomers must know what is expected of them in the short term and in the long term.

Additional Orientation Pointers:

Have fun: Unless you are patterning your business after the secret service agents academy then there is no need to have a chip on your shoulder.

Loosen up: Wear clothes that defines your culture. Wear a smile to greet the people.

Serve snacks and/or food: Have your products or pictures of your products on the tables and/or foods that represent your products or services.

Make it interesting: Use humor when possible. Use bold slides with pictures. Leverage different leaders in your organization to tell the story. Use music and video clips. Ask questions! Change the scenery if possible. Go outside for a portion, change rooms, take a tour…

Engage… Engage… Engage!

Create WOW events that will last forever: Tell memorable short stories, how the employee started as a janitor and is now the maintenance manager. Have an ice-cream party at the end of

the day, throw confetti, have the CEO or COO to come in and shake every person’s hand and thank them for choosing the company. Take a picture of each person with the CEO and give it to him as a gift for his family. The more you Wow a person, the more excited he will be about your company.

Make it Painless: Send paperwork and instructions for completing the packet in advance. A pile of paperwork and no instructions is painful for anyone. Give breaks. It’s difficult to focus longer than 2 hours. Speak up, don’t make the new team members strain to hear your voice.

Your mission is to connect the employee with the company by making the on-boarding experience one that connects the employee to the organization as well as removes the anxiety that is associated with the newness of starting a new job.

If you’ve done this, Congratulations! Mission accomplished.



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