HR Solutions

“Key Leaders Should Focus on the Bottom Line Results and Let People Like us do the Rest” Pam Allen, CEO

Strategic Recruitment

Accel partners with companies to help identify the organization’s real recruitment needs based on the overall strategic business plan. We then fulfill those needs by using our proven hiring process that is designed to identify people that not only have the skills but also the behaviors that represent strong work ethic, teamwork skills, positive attitudes and a commitment to excellence. 

We also serve as a resource to help companies create a recruitment process that responds to changes in the business and economic environment.

Job Analysis

Accel partners with companies to identify the responsibilities, requirements and relative importance of the duties for a given job. We use a combination of interviews and questionnaires to collect data for the analysis. The goal of the analysis is to prepare a job description and job specification, which helps companies to hire a quality workforce. 

Compliance Programs

Accel serves as a resource to help companies maintain EEOC standards, and mitigate potential legalities, while increasing employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and working conditions. We provide guidance around the following topics to our clients:

  • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
  • Lawful Hiring Practices
  • Lawful Terminations
  • Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Employee and Managerial Handbooks
  • Policies and Procedures

Our human resources professionals will help you to develop a high quality employee handbook and/or a policies & procedures manual. Unlike cookie cutter guides, Accel handbooks are tailored to fit the culture of each client’s organization. This personal approach generates useful manuals that are easy to understand and align with your company’s values.

Amazing Events

Accel offers full service event planning and management. We take pride in helping companies to create amazing experiences by planning best in class events that will create memories for years to come.

We offer the following events and more…

  • Themed Corporate and Site Family Day Activities
  • Teambuilding Activities
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Brainstorming and Roundtable Facilitation
  • Milestone Celebrations

Let us make your employees smile FOR YOU!

Rewards & Recognition

Let Accel do the legwork of creating and managing your company’s rewards and recognition programs. Recognizing positive behavior from your employees means that those desired behaviors that drive business success will be repeated. Recognition ties your employees to your organization’s vision and business objectives.

Some of the ways that we can recognize your employees:

  • New employee welcome gifts
  • Milestone achievements
  • Safety awards and programs
  • Performance based awards
  • Team based awards
  • On the spot awards
  • Years of service awards and more…

We will build the program, have employees to order gifts directly through our company and have the gifts delivered to your employee with your personal touch and message.

Our programs never get stale!

Personal Assistant Services

Accel’s Expert Assistant Service can afford you the opportunity of having your own local experienced personal assistant when you need one. Our assistants can help with making appointments, managing your personal and work schedules, coordinating travel, remembering and sending gifts on those special days, preparing and mailing documents, creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations, preparing and coordinating meetings, data entry, running errands and any other tasks as needed.

Our energetic, professional, assistants are standing by.

Notary Services

We are a local notary resource. Many documents and transactions require the security and certainty of a notary seal. We can assist you with all your notary services needs. 



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